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Pay Dues/Update Club Roster

To pay dues and/or the mandatory convention fee or to manage your roster online, you must login as your club. Enter the club’s username (six-digit club number) and password. As of January 9 2018, passwords must have at least 7 characters, including at least 1 letter and 1 number.  Please follow the prompts to change your club’s password.  Please note you will need to have access to your club’s @soroptimist.net club email address.  If you have questions about your club’s login or password, please contact siahq@soroptimist.org.

View instructions and Guide to Online Roster Management and Paying Dues 2022-2023


View Club Treasurers Training Video: Online Dues Payment & Roster Maintenance

What You Can Do Online:

Update club/membership information:

  • Add new members with payment, terminate members, identify the new club president and treasurer, update contact information for all members, including email, and change certain member types.
  • Discontinue (terminate) gift magazine subscriptions for non-members or Friendship Links.

Log In to Update Roster Now

Make payment for the following, using a credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express) or a bank debit card:

  • Pay member dues, SI dues.
  • Make contributions to Founders Pennies, Club Giving and other donation types.

Log in to pay now

What You Can’t Do Online

  • Transfer current Soroptimist members into or out of clubs. Please submit Form 5010 to headquarters.

Download Form 5010: 2022-2023


  • Reinstate members. If members are rejoining within a year of resigning, please submit a Form 5008 to headquarters with the appropriate payments.

Download Form 5008: 2022-2023


Dues/Fees Amounts

2022-2023 Federation Dues and Fees

  • $74.00 - SIA dues (Life members pay $10 dues)
  • $9.00 - per capita payment to Soroptimist International
  • $9.00 - Club liability insurance
  • $6.12 - Founders pennies (optional)*
Additional fees:
  • $10 one-time fee for charter, new and reinstating members

Prorated federation dues for the 2022-2023 club year:

  • Members inducted July 1 through December 31 pay $74.00.
  • Members inducted January 1 through June 7 (or the annual dues billing for the upcoming year) pay $37.00.

*For the 2022-2023 club year, voluntary Founders Pennies are $.06 for every year that Soroptimist has been in existence: $.06 x 101 = $6.12 per member. Read the Founders Pennies FAQ.  


Sample Dues Forms

Please take a look at these sample forms before submitting your forms to Headquarters.

Sample Form 5008

This form is used for all new or reinstated members that you want Headquarters to add for you. This form is not necessary if you have added the new member online. All reinstated members must submit a 5008 form to Headquarters. 

Sample 5008

Sample Form 200

This form is only to be used if you do not feel comfortable updating your club officers in the club profile online (by clicking the corresponding buttons - there is not a physical form to be filled out online). 

Sample 200

Sample Dues Worksheet

Only one of these forms needs to be submitted per club if you want Headquarters to process your dues payments for you. Otherwise, you are welcome to pay club dues online. 

Sample Dues Worksheet





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