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Founders Pennies FAQ

Each year, Soroptimist clubs make Founders Pennies donations to celebrate the founding of our organization and support its global Dream Programs. Founders Pennies are a classic, time-honored tradition for clubs, and a creative way to help fund life changing programs. Founders Pennies help create a local and global relationship between Soroptimist clubs and members, and the women and girls who need our support.

How are Founders Pennies used?

Founders Pennies are used to fund the Live Your Dream Awards, Dream It, Be It, and other SIA programs that improve the lives of women and girls in local communities and throughout the world. Founders Pennies represent approximately 10 percent of the total $1.7 million contributed to fund federation programs.

How are Founders Pennies calculated?

Founders Pennies are set at $.06 per member times the number of years that SIA has been in existence (1921). For the 2020-2021 club year, $.06 x 100 years = $6.00 per member.

2021-2022 = $6.06 per member
2022-2023 = $6.12 per member
2023-2024 = $6.18 per member

Who gives Founders Pennies?

Founders Pennies are remitted to headquarters by each participating club. Clubs collect the pennies from their members in a variety of ways and usually submit them with club dues.

When did the tradition of Founders Pennies begin?

The tradition of giving pennies began in 1943. Clubs collected one penny for each year of Soroptimist’s existence and used the money to help re‐establish clubs in Europe that had disbanded as a result of pre‐World War II political conditions and the war itself. In 1946 the fund was renamed the Founders Fund. This fund provided international fellowships, scholarships and other awards to improve the status of women. Beginning in the 1960s, Founders Pennies began funding for the Youth Citizenship Awards, and now the Live Your Dream Awards.

Are Founders Pennies mandatory?

Founders Pennies are a voluntary contribution from Soroptimist members remitted to headquarters by clubs. As with all contributions, Founders Pennies are not mandatory.

What kind of recognition is given for Founders Pennies contributions?

Regions are awarded a certificate of appreciation when all clubs in the region contribute to Founders Pennies between June 1 and May 31. Contributions for recognition are based on the number of members on record at headquarters as of the end of the recognition period (May 31).

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