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For almost 100 years, Soroptimist has been helping women and girls unleash their power. As a global volunteer organization with deep experience and insights, we know the best way to lift up communities, nations and the world is to educate women and girls. Your gifts empower women and girls to reach their full potential and live their dreams.

YOU are helping women and girls around the world achieve their goals. Donate now and help them live their dreams.





Ways You Can Make a Lasting Impact

We provide a variety of giving options to help you make Soroptimist your cause of choice!

Monthly Giving

Provide ongoing support for women and children by committing to a recurring gift.

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Honor & Memorial Gifts

Make a contribution to honor or memorialize someone special.


Planned Giving

Leave a lasting legacy to empower women and girls for many years to come.

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I give financially because I want to radically bridge the gap [between our results and the greater need], and it takes money to do that. It takes money for resources, to help clubs to do more. It takes money to offer more awards. It takes money to do research. It takes money to make sure our Dream Programs achieve the goals we set. So I do it because I see our potential as an organization to do more, and I want to help with that.”

—Past SIA President Cathy Standiford


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In Soroptimist's 21 countries and territories, 20 million women and girls who face poverty, violence and other obstacles could benefit from our programs. Make their dreams come true. Log in and make your contribution today!

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