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Club Giving, empowering women and girls to live their dreams

Your Soroptimist club can extend its reach beyond your local community. When your club makes a Club Giving contribution of at least 10% of what your club raises locally, you help ensure SIA can increase the number of women and girls who benefit from our global programs. Learn about the Club Giving Benefits.

Club Giving Impact Infographic

Download or print this infographic that explains how Club Giving works and the collective impact it creates for our organization.

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Club Giving & Dream Big Infographic

Your generosity is essential for reaching our 2021-2031 Big Goal—no matter how you give. Clubs can designate gifts to Club Giving or to the Dream Big Campaign.

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2020-2021 Recognition Period:


of all clubs (1,233) gave a Club Giving donation


was donated through Club Giving to fund our Dream Programs


of contributing clubs told us their gift was at least 10% of the funds they raised


participation in Club Giving by North Central and Taiwan Region!


When your club makes its donation to Club Giving, please let us know if it is at least 10% of your club’s locally raised funds. By sharing this information, SIA will be able to report on the collective impact of our programs. There is a check box on the financial transaction form to indicate that the gift is at least 10% of funds raised—or send an email to siahq@soroptimist.org.


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Founders Pennies

Celebrate the founding of Soroptimist by supporting our Dream Programs through Founders Pennies contributions. Has your club given Founders Pennies for each of its members? Read the Founders Pennies FAQ to learn more.


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If you would like fundraising ideas or have general questions, please contact the fund development team at development@soroptimist.org.

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