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Installation of Club Officers

The main purpose of an officer installation is to impress the new officers with their responsibilities and the importance of their work. It should be done so that new officers re-dedicate themselves to the objectives of the club, and so that the other club members will be inspired to further the work of the organization.

Installations should, as much as possible, be personalized to fit the club. They should be dignified, but originality, spontaneity and humor will help to make them memorable. Following are some suggestions. The installing officer should tailor these remarks to suit her personal style and that of the club, keeping in mind that the duties of each office should be outlined during the installation. Obtain a copy of the club bylaws to ascertain which officers are elected, their duties and their terms.

The installing officer should make a brief presentation to the entire group with background information about Soroptimist and the local club.

The officers to be installed are then called forward by name and office one at a time to take a designated position facing the audience.

Suggested language:

Delegates (Names) (if elected separately)*

Through you, the club speaks at district meetings and region conferences. To you is given the responsibility of voting on behalf of all your members, speaking for their concerns and, most important, bringing back complete information concerning all Soroptimist matters that affect your club and its members. It is therefore your duty to be informed about matters on which a vote is to be taken and to know how your club members feel about it.

Directors (Names) (if such officers are elected)

You have been elected as directors of your club and you shall serve for two years or until your successors are elected. You are important to the smooth operation of your club and to the planning and carrying out of activities resulting in the growth in stature of your club. I urge you to shoulder your full share of the load and to keep yourselves well informed concerning all Soroptimist matters on club, region, federation and international levels. Do you accept these responsibilities?

Treasurer (Name)

You have been elected treasurer of your club. Your duties consist of receiving all funds of the club, depositing them, preparing and signing all checks, making all remittances as required by the region procedures and Federation Bylaws, and paying authorized bills in the manner provided in your club bylaws. By the specified date of each year, your books shall be ready for proper audit. Good records are very important. Keeping your board and your membership informed is also a must. Remember, the time and talent represented by the dollars you care for, and the personal involvement of members, are the most precious of assets.

Corresponding Secretary (Name)

You have been elected corresponding secretary of your club. Your duties shall be to send out notices and carry on correspondence that does not properly belong to other officers. You can be most helpful to the officers. By promptly handling correspondence, a corresponding secretary can greatly help the president, and do a great deal to build goodwill and understanding. Much of the club’s image with its members, within the community, and Soroptimist–at–large, depends on you.

Recording Secretary (Name)

You have been elected recording secretary of your club. Your duties are to be present at business and board meetings, and to keep a good and careful record of all proceedings. Because you will be keeping permanent records, you must be careful to record all matters required under the rules of good parliamentary procedure. You shall submit minutes of the business meetings and any recommendations from the Board of Directors. You shall maintain a record of membership.

Vice President (Name) (Where club bylaws provide for more than one, they should be installed individually, with a proper description of their duties.)

You have been elected as vice president of your club. You must be ever ready to step into the shoes of the president and carry forward in her absence, if necessary. Additionally, you should promote and support the club’s implementation of our Dream Programs. The Live Your Dream Award and Dream It, Be It programs will have a great bearing on the success of your club for this year. Your knowledge of region and federation projects will be most helpful in this respect. You will want to put forth your best efforts for the ideals and goals of Soroptimist.

President (Name)

You have been elected president of your club and your duties shall be those as implied by the title. You shall preside at all meetings, carry out the policy of the club and represent to the community the spirit and character of Soroptimist. As important as the club bylaws are, and as meticulous as they are in setting forth your duties, they constitute only a partial list. Worthy of note are the leadership qualities that you will need as president—wisdom, patience and understanding. As the presiding officer, you must be fair, tactful and just, and—above all—you will be gentle and kind. Common sense and willingness will carry you far in the development of communication, understanding, participation and a Soroptimist viewpoint. This means you will be alert to changing needs in your community and knowledgeable about region, federation and international aims.

I now ask each of you to pledge to do your very best to carry out the requirements of your respective offices. To each, I recommend a study of the SIA federation Bylaws so that you will be thoroughly familiar with them. Also, may I suggest a review of all Soroptimist materials. It is very helpful for officers and directors to meet and make this study together.





*Club delegates are not officers but can be included in the ceremony if the clubs so chooses.

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