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Social Media Ads

Advertising on social media is a great way to increase awareness about your club events, fundraisers and recruitment efforts. SIA provides the following flyers for clubs to customize and distribute throughout your community (more designs available in the Diamond Campaign recruitment resources). Here are steps to use the flyers digitally.

Soroptimist Defined

Download PDF
Find Your Joy

Download PDF
Find Your Inner Super Hero

Download PDF

Customize Ad

  1. Download ad – it’s a writable PDF!
  2. Open in Adobe to customize with club information.
  3. Save document and export as a jpg image – necessary for posting on Facebook.
  4. Post ad as an organic ad or paid ad on Facebook. See how below.
  5. Don’t forget to include text in your post that reinforces the ad, as well as includes the link for more information on how to get involved. For example:

    Find your inner joy by joining a dynamic group of women who care about making the world a better place for women and girls. For more information visit: INCLUDE CONTACT INFO FROM AD.

Post Ad

Organic Ad Post

An organic post is a regular post where no payment is involved.

  1. Post ad on club Facebook page.
  2. Ask club members to share on their pages as well. This is the best way to increase your organic reach (number of people who see your content without paid distribution).
  3. You could stop here and see how much your organic reach grows.
Paid Ad Post

Alternatively, you could pay to increase your reach and the number of people who see your post.

  1. Post ad on club Facebook page
  2. Click the “boost post” button at the bottom of your post
  3. Choose your target audience
  4. Enter the total amount you want to spend and Facebook will spread it evenly across the number of days you choose. For example, the minimum cost of a boost is $1/day. If you want to boost something for a week, the minimum cost would be $7.



Note that this is the bare minimum for advertising on Facebook. The sky is the limit. There are other options for using Facebook’s ad services. Companies exist whose main job is to help organizations advertise on social media. Learn more about Facebook ads here.
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