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Key Messaging

These messages are intended to help you understand and speak confidently about the direction our organization is heading.

FY2022-2023 Key Messages

1. Investing in Dreams: Our 2021-2031 Big Goal

Over the past decade, we have focused on increasing our collective impact through the number of women and girls we serve with our global, brand-building Dream Programs. During this period, we have collaborated with clubs and leaders to define our 2021-2031 Big Goal of investing in the dreams of half a million women and girls through access to education. This audacious goal will continue to increase our collective impact by helping four times the number of women and girls facing obstacles to economic empowerment as served in the prior decade. While COVID-19 has created challenges for the organization, it has created even more trials for the women and girls we vow to assist. As such, we remain committed to working together to reach our Big Goal through our Live Your Dream Awards, Dream It, Be It, and Big Goal Accelerator Projects.

2. Dream Big for Today and Tomorrow

To increase our investment in the dreams of women and girls, we must first invest in ourselves. Our Dream Big Campaign will raise the critical funds needed to support and grow our membership, develop our leadership, increase the number of women and girls we serve, and elevate our organization’s brand as a recognized leader in transforming the lives of women and girls. While we focus on building our capacity for future growth, we must also continue to raise funds for our immediate program needs. Donors are encouraged to continue their annual support while considering a special gift to secure our future.

3. Celebrating 100 Years of Soroptimist

Throughout 2022, we will continue to celebrate 100 years of working together to ensure women and girls have the resources and opportunities they need to achieve their full potential and live their dreams. We will share and commemorate the stories of members who came before us and created our life-changing global organization. We will rejoice in our bright past while focusing on building our brilliant future – a modern, vibrant, thriving organization dedicated to one thing that has not changed about Soroptimist in 100 years – serving women and girls who need our help.

4. Providing a Positive Club Experience

Future success relies upon growing SIA clubs and retaining members through an engaging and civil member experience. We foster a collaborative experience by aligning club activities with our Big Goal of investing in the dreams of half a million women and girls through access to education. We value openness and inclusion to new members and their ideas, leaving interpersonal conflicts aside for the greater good of our life-changing efforts.

5. Building a Unified and Globally Recognized Brand

When clubs and members are asked what they want most, they say more members and being better known for our impact. The only way to accomplish this is to consistently be the organization we say we are and consistently do what we say we do: SIA clubs will work collaboratively, aligning their activities to support our 2021-2031 Big Goal of investing in the dreams of half a million women and girls through access to education. By unifying our work and visual identity to support one Big Goal we will build a movement capable of generating the funding needed to expand, deliver, and sustain our global Dream Programs to build a strong, recognized brand.

6. COVID-19 and the Modified Temporary Pause

COVID-19 has changed everything about our work. SIA has launched Soroptimist Forward, a set of tools to assist clubs and regions in recruiting/retaining members, fundraising, delivering our programs, and more in our new virtual world. While things have changed, one thing remains constant – our commitment to serving women and girls through our 2021-2031 Big Goal of investing in the dreams of half a million women and girls through access to education. The unpredictability of the pandemic also is constant. To manage the risk to members and the entire organization, clubs and regions wishing to meet in person must follow SIA’s risk management plan. If they wish to hold any in-person activity with non-members or an event with a large number of members, they must file a written declaration with SIA headquarters at least 45 days before the activity. 


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