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Recognition and Branding Tools

We're stronger when we communicate with one brand and one voice. Having a consistent look and tone is important to increasing recognition of Soroptimist, both locally and globally.

It is important that all levels of our organization use the “S” logo consistently, and not alter its look in any way. Having a consistent visual identity is essential to successful branding efforts, which affects SIA’s ability to increase our recognition, recruit members and fundraise outside our organization.

Brand and Style Guides

Style and Branding Guide

Learn how to build a strong visual identity, the correct way to incorporate the logo into publicity materials and how to speak with proper Soroptimist style.

Branding PowerPoint

Use this PowerPoint to present SIA brand components.

Logo Downloads

Logo Downloads

Access SIA's high-resolution trademarked logos.

All Logos and Usage Guidelines

Need all of the Soroptimist logos? Save time and download them all at once here.

A Note on Sunsetting the SI Emblem

SIA no longer uses the SI emblem on its materials, as it has limited appeal—particularly among younger women and women of diverse nationalities. Your SIA Board of Directors issued a logo policy calling for all clubs to cease use of the SI emblem by the end of 2019.

Key Messaging

These messages are intended for internal use to help you understand and speak confidently about the direction our organization is heading.

Promoting the Dream Programs

Use these tools to increase awareness of our brand-unifying Dream Programs and the impact they have on women and girls.

Live Your Dream: Education and Training Awards for Women

Soroptimist: Investing in Women's Empowerment Through Education

The Fels Institute of Government, a research and consulting organization based at the University of Pennsylvania, released a study evaluating the Live Your Dream Awards.

Media Templates

A Note on Consent

Even if an award recipient signs this consent form, clubs should still consult with her before releasing sensitive information to the media or public.

Stationery Templates

Customize these templates then have them professionally printed. Files are for both club and member use.

Web Guides and Tools

Here is everything you need to create a successful website, including guides and templates.

A Note on Security

You will be prompted to log in to access this information. Please contact siahq@soroptimist.org to obtain username and password.

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