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Thank you for volunteering to lead and serve as a region public awareness chair. You are a Brand Warrior! Leading the charge to raising our brand recognition is a super important task, as ultimately it will benefit the organization as a whole—raising our global profile, increasing our membership, fostering engagement in our mission and furthering our impact.

If you have questions or need additional information, contact Kamali Brooks at kamali@soroptimist.org.

Fall Meeting Presentation

Please coordinate with your region governor and/or district director to present the following presentation at your fall district and/or leadership meetings. The script is included with the PowerPoint slides. The presentation is approximately 10-15 minutes long. It is only available in English. 


  • Help clubs and members understand their role in SIA's Big Goal
  • Share ways for clubs to raise our global profile in a meaningful and positive way

Region Chair Training 

Training Webinar

The following training webinar provides information to help you lead your region as a public awareness chair. 



Training Summary

2022-2024 Region Public Awareness Chair Training Summary

2022-2024年期 リジョン一般的知名度委員長  訓練の要旨

2022-2024년도 리전 홍보의장 교육 요약

2022-2024 專區社會知名度主委訓練摘要

Resumo da capacitação 2022-2024 para coordenadora regional de conscientização pública

Other Resources


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