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Standards for Working With Youth

These standards support your club in conducting programs in a safe and secure environment for participating youth. All clubs participating in Dream It, Be It or with another project involving youth are required to adhere to the guidelines and standards below.

Club Compliance Checklist

Before beginning to plan for a new Dream It, Be It project, each club must take the following steps. For more information, download the full PDF below.

  1. Develop your club-level background check procedures
  2. Have each club member interacting with youth read and sign the SIA required materials
  3. Collect consent and release forms from participating girls

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Important Materials

Standards for Working with Youth

Find information on general rules for engaging with youth, background checks, training and other necessary steps for your club.

Club Member Compliance and Release Form

Form confirming you have read and understand Standards for Working with Youth and authorize club leadership to conduct a background check.

General Parental Consent Form–Youth Projects

Form for parents/guardians to sign before youth participate in your project.

Training on Standards for Abuse Prevention When Working with Youth

Training information published by US Department of Health & Human Services.

Background Check FAQ

Find answers to your questions about SIA’s background check and training requirements

Tips for Working with Youth Safely and Virtually

SIA’s Standards for Working with Youth apply whether you are working face-to-face or virtually. However, meeting virtually requires some additional preparation!

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