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Thank You Donors!

We are grateful to the many Soroptimist members and clubs, friends and companies whose contributions help support Soroptimist’s Dream Programs that have transformed the lives of thousands of women and girls around the world. We thank you for your generous support!

Donor Honor Roll

Soroptimist is grateful to the people who contribute and make our life-changing Dream Programs possible. We are inspired by their generosity, commitment, and visionary dedication to the cause of economically empowering women and girls.

2019-2020 Donor Honor Roll

Club Giving

Club Giving participants make dreams come true for women and girls not just in their local community, but around the world—we’re so grateful! We’re especially appreciative of those clubs who contribute at least 10% of their locally raised funds.

2019-2020 Club Giving Recognition

Founders Pennies

We appreciate clubs that contribute Founders Pennies, which are calculated by multiplying $.06 per member, per year since Soroptimist’s founding in 1921. As well as symbolically honoring Soroptimist’s history, the contributions make an enormous difference in the lives of women and girls who benefit from our Dream Programs.

2019-2020 Founders Pennies Recognition

Laurel Legacy

Laurel Legacy members ensure the long-term viability of our Dream Programs by arranging a future gift to Soroptimist. We are extremely grateful to all our Laurel Legacy members for their commitment to the future of our organization.

2019-2020 Laurel Legacy Enrollments

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