World Dream Day is September 25!

Each year on September 25, World Dream Day is observed by encouraging individuals to take the steps necessary to make their dreams come true. It is also a day of building new hopes and committing to new possibilities. One may say this is the holiday for dream makers, and as Soroptimists, we should celebrate twice as hard! 

Every single day Soroptimists work hard to make dreams come true for women and girls. We host supply drives and benefit lunches to support our Big Goal. We offer guidance and educational opportunities through our Dream Programs. We work closely within our community to advance our mission. World Dream Day is a holiday meant for people like us. 

World Dream Day is an international day of declaring dreams and committing to act on them. To help you out, we organized three actions you can take today! 

  1. Support our Big Dream for the Future

    Teaser alert! As you will hear in our upcoming 100th-anniversary celebration, Soroptimists are committing to dreaming even bigger and pledging to invest in the dreams of half a million women and girls by 2031! While certainly a lofty goal, reaching it will allow us to expand, deliver, and sustain our programs into Soroptimist’s next century. Investing in our big dream today will help us reach even more women and girls tomorrow. 

  2. Help Women in Your Community Live Their Dreams

    Now is your chance to find even more possible recipients for our Live Your Dream AwardsYou can contact organizations in your community that may work with eligible women, including vocational or training schools, community colleges or universities, places of worship, community centers, nonprofit organizations working with women, food banks, or daycare centers. 

    Eligible applicants can access their application materials here in all six of our languages. You can also print out copies of the application and hand deliver to or email organizations in your community. Getting applications in the hands of eligible women can be life-changing! 

  3. Share Your Dream for Soroptimist on Social Media 

    Bring out an inspiring dream, create a plan, and start to work towards your goal for Soroptimist. Post and share your celebrations on social media using the hashtags #WorldDreamDay and #Soroptimist100.


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