Introducing the Dream Big Campaign

On behalf of the SIA Board of directors, I am thrilled to announce the launch of our Dream Big Campaign, the goal of which is to raise $15M to reach our Big Goal of investing in the dreams of a half million women and girls through access to education by 2031. The input of Soroptimist members and the thoughtful decisions of previous Boards of Directors over the past five years brings us to this exciting news today.

The Dream Big Campaign is led by a committee of seven enthusiastic Soroptimists representing the geographic regions of our organization. They have been working hard over the past two years to prepare for this exciting opportunity with you.

"Uniting behind this campaign is critical to our reaching 500,000 women and girls with our Dream Programs by 2031 and in sustaining that reach into the decades beyond," says Committee Chair Diane Thompson. "The time is now for us to leave a legacy for future generations of Soroptimists so that they may develop the friendships and have the experiences that create such a positive impact in our own lives and in the lives of others."



The launch of our Dream Big Campaign represents a critical strategy in advancing our organization into the next century. It has been designed to raise critical funds that will enable us to expand, deliver and sustain Soroptimist programs and to increase our support of our members and clubs.

We invite you to further explore the campaign details through our new Dream Big Campaign website

The time is now. This campaign is an investment in ourselves, in our future, and asks all of us to dream big! Realizing half a million big dreams will have an incredible impact on women, girls, their families, and their communities. The ripple effect of our increased efforts will go far beyond those we serve. The world will benefit.

Let us work in unity to help more women and girls reach their full potential and live their dreams!


Kazuko Morita
2021-2022 SIA President



Visit the Dream Big website to learn more about our most important campaign ever and how you can participate to support our Big Goal!



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