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Recruiting Applicants

Live Your Dream Awards

Now that you know all about the Soroptimist Live Your Dream Awards and are ready to make a positive impact on the life of a woman … what’s next? It’s time to begin recruiting applicants!


Instead of sharing the writable PDF, share this link to the online application portal with your community partners, on your website, Facebook page, and in your emails: https://www.soroptimist.org/our-work/live-your-dream-awards/apply-for-the-live-your-dream-awards.html

Or share the short version of that same page: http://bit.ly/LYDA-apply


Watch the rest of the Club Chair Help Videos here.

When applicants and clubs all use the Application Portal:

  • All your club applications will be in one place
  • Application is entirely online (no more blank applications!)
  • Application has required questions (no more incomplete applications!)

Writable PDF version of Application

In the event that the Online Application Portal is inaccessible to a woman, the Writable PDF application and reference form are still available.

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