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If you’re looking for more tips for your club’s Dream Programs work, please check out our Live Your Dream Awards and Dream It, Be It resources!

Success & The Big Goal




Learn how our award-winning Dream Programs will drive the success of the Big Goal.


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What Counts for the 2021-2031 Big Goal

Club and region work that increases access to education for women and girls facing obstacles and leads to economic empowerment will count towards our next Big Goal! Clubs and regions wanted their local work to count, and now it will! Starting in 2021, SIA will begin collecting information from clubs and regions about their work outside of the Dream Programs that contributes to our 2021-2031 Big Goal. These projects will be called Big Goal Accelerator Projects. It is important to note that not all club and region projects will count toward the next Big Goal.

Empowering More Women and Girls through the Big Goal

To kick off our next Big Goal, we’re encouraging each club and region to increase the number of women and girls they reach through access to education! Read the handout linked below for tips on how to expand the reach of your Dream Programs and other club work. 

Big Goal Accelerator Projects

Learn more about Soroptimist's new program to value club work that contributes to our Big Goal.



Working As One

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台灣 (Chinese)
한국어 (Korean)
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Communicating Your Change

As we prepare to substantially increase the number of women and girls we serve through the Dream Programs, communicating with our community partners is a critical step. Perhaps your club has participated in Working as One, has used the Club Planning Tool and has decided to make some changes in your club’s focus.

Perhaps your club has decided to stop supporting a local organization that you have supported for years, and want to make sure they are prepared and understand why you are making this change. Use this communication packet as an aid in communicating these difficult, but necessary transitions in your club's direction.

Falando sobre Mudanças



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