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Host a Soroptimist Social

Many clubs have made the shift to operating and holding business meetings online. But have you participated in a virtual social event, with no official business at hand? Consider scheduling a regular social, perhaps on a monthly basis. This can be hosted on Zoom or another teleconference platform, or even by conference call. Take the opportunity to “get together” online with other Soroptimist members. In these socials, consider trying some of the following to make each virtual gathering fun and unique.

Play a Game

Host a virtual scavenger hunt and send your club members searching for specific items at home. Or, use an app to create a trivia game and put your club's knowledge to the test!


Don't let your club members' anniversaries, birthdays or other exciting milestones slip by! Set a fun dress code—wear funny hats, pajamas, dress elegantly, or wear matching colors—and celebrate!

Share Recipes

Spend an evening cooking together or enjoying the same meal. Members can share their favorite recipes, or even sign up to take an online cooking class together!


Share and Care

We can create friendship and fellowship in a virtual setting! Now is great time to ask members with specialized skills to share with the rest of the club, and reach out to members to make them feel valued and cared for.

Host a Skills Share Session

Ask volunteers to share a short PowerPoint presentation on a Zoom meeting or other teleconference. Your club could host a series of these skill share sessions to learn from one another. Consider including some sessions covering skills specifically related to Soroptimist business and leadership roles, as well as some that are useful to members in their personal life, professionally or other civic endeavors.

Member Care Calls

Consider conducting member care calls to contact every club member by telephone on a regular basis. This is an opportunity to check in one-on-one, reconnect, and find out if a member needs anything that the club or other community contact could provide. Making a member care call is simple - just start by asking "How are you doing?" and let the conversation flow from there.

Buddy System

Assign each club member a buddy to connect with weekly, or between club meetings and events. This could even be conducted like a “secret” pen pal who sends their buddy surprises or encouraging notes via postal mail, followed by a “reveal party” for your entire club.


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