Social Media Tips



Promoting Your Club Through Social Media 

Sharing your club projects on social media is always a great way to increase awareness. Considering recent events, doing hands on projects has become more difficult. But that has not stopped clubs from helping women and girls in their communities. Use social media to spread the word about that important work! 


Keep it Newsworthy

Share how your club has adapted and is working differently to help women and girls in your community. Ideas include:

  • Presenting awards and certificates to your Live Your Dream Award recipients while social distancing, or hosting virtual award celebrations honoring recipients.
  • Going beyond the cash award and providing continued support to your Live Your Dream Award recipients in various ways.
  • Connecting with Dream It, Be It participants via Zoom.
  • Turning a fundraising event into a virtual fundraiser (see the fundraising resources for online fundraising tools).


Engage Your Local News Media

The media knows their audiences are on social media, so they have a strong presence there too. Engage local media and encourage them to promote and share your stories. 

  • Add photos and videos to your posts to attract attention.
  • Tag local media in newsworthy posts.
  • Like/follow the pages of all your local media and share your club projects on their social media pages as well.

Use Hashtags 

Hashtags amplify your message and call attention to a certain cause or event. They can help you attract media attention, but they are also useful to anyone searching for information on a topic or trend.

  • Find which hashtags are trending in your local community (for example #LocalGov, #Engage2Act, #eParticipation) and use them to bring more attention to your projects and posts. 
  • Don't forget to use SIA's most common hashtags (#SoroptimistsAtWork, #SoroptimistDreamPrograms, #LiveYourDreamAwards, #DreamItBeIt #SpotlightSoroptimist) so we can see and publicize the great work you're doing too!

Learn more about these tips in SIA's newly updated social media guidelines!



Engaging Members Through Social Media

Now, more than ever, we want and need to be able to easily and quickly engage with our members and clubs. Since social media allows for two-way communication, it makes that engagement so simple! Here are some ideas to get you going! 


Share Member News and Updates

  • Give a shout out to members on your club’s social media page for doing something nice in the community.
  • Acknowledge members for something significant, such as a birthday, club anniversary, or receiving an award.


Spotlight Members with Video

  • Use Zoom to interview new members or those celebrating a significant anniversary as a member of your club, and post the recording on social media.
  • Ask members to record themselves talking about their dream for the world’s women and girls.
  • Ask members to record a short video about what they love most about being a Soroptimist.

Get Personal

  • Post questions to get your followers’ (including members) thoughts on various topics.
  • Provide fun activities for followers. Everyone likes to share their favorite things. Ask them to share a photo of their pet, a book they are currently reading, or a recipe they recently made.



Other Resources 

If your club does not already have a social media presence, now is a great time to start!


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