Sandra's Extraordinary Story

Looking Forward to a Brighter Reality

Sandra, from California, USA, is one of those finalists who has bravely conquered trauma from her early life and is on the successful path to living her dream and creating a better life for her family.

Overcoming Hardships

A sexual abuse survivor, Sandra was first molested at age nine. Then her father was deported, and Sandra’s mother abandoned her when she was 11. She was raped at age 13, which resulted in a pregnancy, and spent years in an abusive relationship. Yet this strong mother of four would not be defeated. Inspired by the academic advisors who have helped her navigate the higher education system, she is studying sociology and hopes to become an academic advisor. She looks forward to a brighter reality for herself and her children.

My dream is to earn a bachelor's degree and eventually a masters in order to leave all these hardships behind. I want to show my children that even through all the messy obstacles it can be done, and goals can be reached.

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