Jayme's Extraordinary Story

Conquering Poverty and Adversity

Coming from poverty and adversity made growing up a challenge for Jayme. The daughter of a single mom, Jayme struggled to find stability while battling mental health issues, abuse, sexual assault, an eating disorder and suicidality.

Strength and Determination

Jayme proved to be strong and determined, and enrolled in college despite her earlier traumas and lack of financial resources. After becoming pregnant and then a single mom, she dropped out due to her inability to pay tuition.

However, Jayme soon realized that she did not want her daughter to live the life of poverty Jayme had experienced.

It terrified me that my daughter could potentially repeat the life I had growing up, so I decided to change my story.

With her daughter serving as her inspiration, Jayme eventually went back to school to try again. Determined to succeed, Jayme sometimes brought her daughter to lectures, events and student meetings when childcare was not available. “I dream that my daughter will look at me and, rather than be fearful of the future, see hope for who she can become.”

Hope for the Future

Ultimately, Jayme hopes to pursue strategic advocacy work for marginalized groups of people—including women and children living in poverty and survivors of trauma. Jayme wants to use her childhood experiences as a way to support people going through similar experiences. In addition, she dreams of becoming a lawyer and effecting social policy.

 “I am learning that the inequality women face is multi-tiered and needs a high degree of commitment. I took several women’s studies courses, started working at a feminist-based transition house, and joined the university’s school of social work. 

With the help of the Soroptimist Live Your Dream Awards, I can actualize my dreams.


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