Ana Caren's Extraordinary Story

Fighting for a Better Life for Herself and Her Siblings

Ana Caren, from Mexico, was forced to deal with the trauma of an abusive father and mentally ill mother. After years of chaos, her parents separated and Ana moved with her mom and siblings to live with their grandparents. After her mother died and her grandfather could no longer care for her three young siblings, Ana Caren began caring for them—all while going to college.

Determination and Commitment

A bright young woman and good student, Ana Caren is studying for a degree in engineering and business development/innovation. She dreams of starting her own business one day. Ana Caren’s first priorities are getting through school and being there for her siblings. “This is no longer a goal or a dream, it has become stronger than a commitment,” she stated.

There is no choice … I will simply fight until I accomplish it!

Watch Ana Caren share her story during Soroptimist's 45th Biennial Convention in Yokohama, Japan

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