Pachara's Extraordinary Story

Pursuing a Career in Nursing After Overcoming Domestic Abuse

Pachara came to Japan from Thailand more than a decade ago to marry a Japanese man. She gave birth to three children, and experienced a brief period of happiness before her husband developed an alcohol abuse problem.

Finding Permanent Residence

Every time he had alcohol," she recalled, "he became violent." Even after her children were born, his violent outbursts continued to escalate. And though she wanted to leave, her status as a Thai immigrant made it difficult for her to find permanent residence in Japan.

I would like to build a stable life for my children’s future, raise them until they grow up to be fine adults, and live my precious life. Without ever forgetting that Soroptimist gave me the scholarship and a lot of courage, I will continue to do my best in whatever I do.

Giving Back to Other Women in Need

After nine years of marriage, Pachara finally escaped with her children and moved into HELP, a domestic violence shelter. Soon after, her husband died and his family disinherited her. She was left all alone, in a foreign country with three young children to support. Eventually, she found her own place to live, and now supports herself with public assistance and a part-time job. She also serves as a volunteer Thai interpreter at the HELP shelter, giving back to other women in need. She is unable to return to Thailand because her children are Japanese citizens and will not be granted citizenship there. With the aid of shelter staff, she is applying for permanent resident status in Japan.

Pachara, who received awards from SI/Musashino, Japan Higashi Region and SIA, would like to pursue a career in nursing, but must first improve her Japanese reading and writing skills. She is using her Live Your Dream Award to attend the Shinijuku Japanese Language School.


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