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Back to School: Is Your Club Ready to Dream It, Be It?

Top Tips to Help Launch a Successful Program for Your Community Girls

With the school year upon us, Soroptimists across the globe are preparing to participate in Dream It, Be It: Career Support for Girls! This life-changing program provides girls with opportunities to meet professional role models, learn through career education, and find the resources to live their dreams. Whether you've been involved with Dream It, Be It before, or you're kicking off your first season, we've compiled these top tips to help you provide an effective program!

The Power of Dream It, Be It: Shaping Lives, Strengthening Futures

Soroptimists Inspire One Girl to Live Her Dream of Becoming a Doctor

We know that there is no limit to what girls can achieve with encouragement and positive role models. That is the heart of Dream It, Be It. Our members play such an essential role in helping girls find the strength to persevere down the path toward living their dreams. One such girl is Nourhan.

"Dream It, Be It really helped me. Last year, mentally, I wasn't doing that well, and I struggled with confidence and felt lesser than my classmates. Hearing how the Soroptimist speakers had overcome their own barriers really gave me hope that I can do what I want in the future, too."

Read more about Nourhan's experience.

Farewell to Elizabeth Lucas, CEO

Providing Gifts of Inspiration, Joy, and Gratitude to Our Esteemed CEO

Elizabeth M. Lucas will serve her last day as Soroptimist’s Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer on August 31. During her time at Soroptimist, Liz steered the organization to help double its impact through our global Dream Programs for women and girls. Please take this opportunity to sign Liz's farewell card and show your appreciation for her commitment to the Soroptimist mission and helping women and girls live their dreams. Sign the card here.

Prior to her retirement, we are also inviting members to make a donation towards Liz’s Laurel Society recognition in support of our global Dream Programs. To make a gift in honor of Liz, please click here.

Collective Impact…Working as One: A Farewell Message from Elizabeth Lucas, CEO

"Collectively we have truly made measurable and sustainable impact. We found our way to what will make the most lasting change in the lives of women and girls who face obstacles to their success—education leading to economic empowerment."

Read Liz’s full farewell message here.

SIA Board Appoints Interim Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer Effective September 1, 2021

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Michelle J. Burnett, SIA Chief Operating and Financial Officer, has been appointed as Interim SIA Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer until the process of hiring Liz’s successor is finalized. Following our succession plan, Michelle will assume the roles and responsibilities of SIA Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer beginning September 1, 2021. She will also continue to carry out her current roles and responsibilities as SIA Chief Operating and Financial Officer.

Please join me in congratulating Michelle Burnett in her new role as Interim SIA Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer. The Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer search process continues, with the expectation of conducting first interviews in the last week of August and finalist interviews in mid-September. All interviews will be conducted virtually.

Condolences for Past President Janet Simond

It is with great sadness that we acknowledge the loss of 1978-1980 SIA President Janet Simonds. Janet joined the Worcester, Massachusetts, Soroptimist club in 1955, shortly after beginning her career as a certified public accountant that would span 43 years. Click here to learn more about Janet’s life. Remembrances by Soroptimists may be left on her memorial page.

Meet Our New Fund Development Team!

The board of directors is pleased to announce our fund development team for 2021-2022. As we work together to reach our 2021-2031 Big Goal, please feel free to reach out to these leaders if you have any questions or need any support.

Announcing Top Contributors for Club Giving and Founders Pennies!

We want to extend our utmost appreciation to all clubs that supported our global Dream Programs through

contributions to Club Giving and Founders Pennies! While some clubs continued to face challenges fundraising in their local communities, clubs donated more than $520,000 through Club Giving to directly support our programs, including region and federation funding for Live Your Dream Awards! A list of clubs that generously donated to Club Giving in 2020-2021 can be found here. We are also incredibly honored to recognize Regions with 100% participation from their clubs in contributing to Founders Pennies. Those regions are formally recognized here.

#Soroptimist100: Join the Celebration

Join SIA for the Celebration of the Year!

Our 100th anniversary celebration is just one month away, and we have very exciting activities planned for just for you! Join us to view historic artifacts from our early years, participate in a virtual scavenger hunt, and dance through the decades! Register here today!

Dance Through the Decades

Dress in attire from your favorite decade (i.e. flapper dress from the roaring 20s, poodle skirt from the 50s, or bell bottoms from the 70s) and join us for a virtual decades dance party. Also, be sure to share photos of yourself dressed up on Facebook and/or Instagram using the hashtag #Soroptimist100, and we may share your pic!

Calling All Legacies!

Are you a legacy member—a Soroptimist with family ties within Soroptimist? Here’s your opportunity to be featured during the Legacy Parade at our 100th anniversary celebration! Click here for details.

What is Your Dream for SIA’s Next 100 Years?

Tell us in a 30-second video and upload it here. Your video may be used during our anniversary event and/or on SIA’s social media pages.

Shop the Exclusive Soroptimist Anniversary Collection!

Don't miss out on our limited edition colorful scarf (item 155) or 100th anniversary collection pins, including our highly polished silver oval pin, featuring our S logo surrounded by ten pearls and cubic zirconia (153), our timeless gold octagonal pin with S logo, offset by Swarovski crystals (152), and our black and gold pin surrounded by an ornate gold border (154).

Get Ready to DREAM BIG

Shh! Something big is coming to Soroptimist in September 2021. Get ready by starting a conversation with your club! Ask your members:

“What are your big dreams for Soroptimist's next 100 years?”

Offer from Our Partners at Janney Montgomery Scott LLC

For your financial education, please visit our Research and Insights page to find information designed to help you understand trends and opportunities in changing markets.

Board Summary

Learn about significant actions taken by your SIA Board at its June meeting.

Helpful Reminders

Tips for Using Soroptimist’s Website Translation Tool

Just a reminder that our language translation tool quickly translates Soroptimist web pages to other languages. Simply locate the translator tool on the top banner of every page of our website and select your preferred language.

Here are a few tips to help you:

  • Locate the translate tab at the top of each Soroptimist web page.
  • Click the translate tab and select your language of choice.
  • Click View Original option.
  • Click View Translation option.

If you have any questions, please reach out to

Soroptimist of the Americas Board of Directors and Fundraising Council Calling all members!

Nominations for a term on the Soroptimist Board of Directors and the Soroptimist Fundraising Council for 2022-2024 are due to SIA Headquarters on September 15. As a reminder, you can find the nomination forms here.

You’re Invited: SIGBI 87th Federation Conference

Join our fellow Soroptimists for their 87th Federation Conference and 100th Celebratory Birthday Party! The virtual event will be held on October 29 and 30. The deadline to register is October 22. For more information and to register, visit the SIGBI website.

Join Soroptimist International's 100th Birthday Party, too!

Don't forget, you're also invited to Soroptimist International's 100th birthday party on October 1-3. A century of Soroptimists transforming the lives of women and girls around the world is something worth celebrating twice. Sign up today!


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