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Membership Benefits

Soroptimist uses annual dues to ensure our members have a fun and meaningful club experience while accomplishing our collective mission—today and into the future. Surveys tell us members value the following benefits from their membership:

Mission-based programs. Members experience joy and a sense of accomplishment by working with other like-minded women on global programs that provide women and girls with access to the education and training they need to achieve economic empowerment.

Connections & Personal Development. Members grow professionally and personally. Through friendships with club members, relationships in your region, and connections with members from diverse countries and backgrounds, you are able to grow your network. The opportunities for leadership development provide professional growth.

Access to a Team of Non-Profit Professionals. Members receive guidance and resources from SIA headquarters, enabling them to enjoy a meaningful club experience as they change communities for the better.

Individual Benefits

  • Best for Women, our monthly fully translated electronic newsletter which keeps you updated on Soroptimist initiatives and activities. 
  • Leadership development and networking opportunities at club meetings, region conferences, the biennial convention, and other events.
  • Opportunity to engage and provide feedback through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, online surveys and other market research activities.
  • Access to contact information for other members, clubs and leaders through our online directories.
  • Invitations to take advantage of special offers and discounts through our Corporate Sponsor Program, which enables members to receive personalized, value-added services from like-minded organizations that support the SIA mission.
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