October 5 is World Teachers' Day – and You're Invited to Celebrate!

Held every year on October 5, World Teachers Day is a United Nations observance that honors the incredible role that teachers worldwide play and their essential contribution to society. This day may only come around once a year, but as Soroptimists, we know teacher praises should be sung every day! Teachers have a strong influence on the success of our mission. Like us, they work tirelessly to help women and girls across the globe receive the education they deserve.  

In observance of this special day, we provided three ways you can show your appreciation to teachers in your community. 

    1. Invite a Teacher to Participate in Your Dream Programs

      Whether you are hosting a Live Your Dream Awards luncheon or a Dream It, Be It workshop, you may want to extend the invite to local teachers. They can attend as event presenters, part of the audience, or even the guest of honor. It can be an excellent way to introduce local educators to our Soroptimist mission, encourage them to spread the word about our work to their students, and remind them that they are the true heroes in our work to help women and girls! 

    2.  Donate Supplies and Resources

      Many school teachers use their own money to buy supplies for their students, including tissues, cleaning wipes, pens, and paper. Consider donating school supplies to the school in their honor. You can even share your idea with others in your community and organize a donation drive. These supplies will benefit the students as well! 

    3. Treat a Teacher

      A sweet treat is always a welcome gesture! Swing by your local school with a few boxes of donuts and a note of appreciation for the teacher’s lounge. Or consider sending a gift card to the local coffee shop. You don’t have to spend a lot, but the small gesture will surely brighten their day.



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