Meet Your New President and President Elect!

Meet Your New President, Kazuko Morita

Kazuko Morita is serving a one-year term as president of Soroptimist's international board of directors. As president, Morita oversees strategic planning and program development for the organization. She will also lead Soroptimist’s efforts to increase its collective impact in helping women and girls around the world to reach their full potential.

A member since 1985, Morita has held several leadership positions at all levels of the organization, including district director, club president, vice president, and secretary.

“On October 3, Soroptimist will turn 100 years old,” says Morita. “As we celebrate our bright past and the thousands of lives we’ve touched in our first century, we also look forward to our brilliant future and the opportunity to create even more positive impact.”

“We are committed to transforming the lives of half a million women and girls through our Dream Programs over the next ten years.” She added. “There are hundreds of thousands of women and girls still waiting for the opportunity to pursue their dreams—through education and we are willing to help make that dream come true.” 

Morita, a nationally licensed pharmacist, graduated from Kyoto Pharmaceutical University in Kyoto, Japan, with a bachelor's degree in pharmacy.




Meet Your New President Elect, Stephanie Smith

As president-elect, Smith will work with President Kazuko Morita, in overseeing Soroptimist’s strategic planning and program development for the organization. She will also help lead Soroptimist’s efforts to increase its collective impact in helping women and girls to reach their full potential. 

Smith is a member of Soroptimist International of Oak Harbor, one of 1,200 Soroptimist clubs throughout the world. A member since 1994, Smith has held several leadership positions, including region governor, district director, and club president, vice president and treasurer. She will become SIA’s president on September 1, 2022.

Smith, semi-retired as Vice President/Senior Learning and Development Consultant at Wells Fargo Bank, and owner of SL Smith Coaching and Consulting, received an associate of arts degree from Centralia College.


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