Four Ways to Help Trafficking Survivors in Your Community

We believe education is a powerful tool in preventing trafficking and helping its survivors. That’s why we developed a list of meaningful actions your club can take to support survivors of trafficking in your community. These tips not only help women and girls in need but also align with our Big Goal! 
  1. Designate one of your club’s Live Your Dream Awards to benefit trafficking survivors. For example, you can choose to designate an education award for women who have experienced trafficking or daughters of survivors. This focus is an excellent opportunity to provide direct financial help while also educating the community about trafficking. 
  2. Host a Dream It, Be It event and add a session to increase trafficking awareness. This program can help girls in your community develop the skills, knowledge, and positive relationships with safe adults needed to help them spot and avoid trafficking. 
  3. Provide non-monetary resources to women and girls who have experienced trafficking. Consider gifting survivors with tools that aid their education, such as laptops, textbooks, or school transportation. 
  4. Host a job training workshop at a facility for women who have survived trafficking. This is a great way to collaborate with members of your community, introduce them to the Soroptimist mission, and provide new skills and economic opportunities for the survivors of trafficking.  

Overall, there are many ways your club can choose to help women and girls most affected by trafficking. Just be sure to refer to our Big Goal Accelerator Project criteria to make sure your club’s local work can support the Big Goal of investing in the dreams of half a million women and girls through access to education.

Stand With Us in the Fight to Help Survivors of Trafficking

Take the pledge and commit to helping women and girls at risk of or recovering from trafficking. 


  • Access to education for women through the Live Your Dream Awards
  • Mentorship to guide girls to a brighter future through Dream It, Be it
  • Solidarity with survivors of abuse



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