Nancy Montvydas to Retire

After nearly 30 years with Soroptimist, Nancy Montvydas will retire on December 31, 2021. Nancy joined Soroptimist in 1992 as the executive assistant.

While working and raising her two children, Nancy graduated manga cum laude with a BA in Sociology from LaSalle University. Nancy was like the women Soroptimist empowers through our Live Your Dream Awards: ready and eager to pursue her educational dream and serving as an example to her children what hard work, dedication, and taking advantage of unexpected opportunities can bring you. Nancy used her earned knowledge and skills to pay it forward, helping so many other women live their dreams.

From day one, Nancy proved herself to be a remarkable advocate for our mission, adept at building relationships with our members, and eager to support the growth of our impact—three things that led her to become the first fundraising employee of the organization. Nancy continued to develop her skills throughout her career and received her Certified Fundraising Executive certification in 2005. Over the years, she has held many titles within the organization, ultimately serving as the central figure in building our culture of philanthropy. Just a few of Nancy’s accomplishments include:

  • Building a professional fundraising operation enabling the organization to grow our global impact year after year.
  • Driving our donor recognition through the creation of the Laurel Society.
  • Launching of our monthly giving program, Stargazers.
  • Establishing our major gifts program.
Nancy (left) with Sandy Schultz and SIA's Live Your Dream FingerSmears® project at the 42nd convention.
  • Planning and leading the development of our Dream Big Campaign to raise $15 million to support accomplishing our 2021-2031 Big Goal.

Countless women and girls have been assisted through Nancy’s work to support our members. Through her efforts, we have seen firsthand the direct line between raising more funds and helping more women and girls pursue their dreams. Soroptimist has been most fortunate to have Nancy, a woman who has traveled her own journey to success, and in return, served at the helm of our fundraising efforts.

“A strong commitment and belief in our Dream Programs is what has kept me engaged all this time,” Nancy shared. “They make an incredible difference in the lives of women and girls. I am proud and grateful to have been part of the Soroptimist story.”

“I want to thank Nancy for her commitment and dedication to Soroptimist. We are indebted to Nancy for her service, and the impact she has had on Soroptimist—and the women and girls we serve—will be long-lasting,” stated Michelle Burnett, Executive Director and CEO.


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