More Fundraising Ideas

Online giving campaigns leverage social and peer networks to raise money. They rely on peer-to-peer fundraising to raise money virtually.

Charity Miles

Charity Miles is an iPhone and Android app that helps you turn all the miles you walk, run and bike anyway into money for charity. You can create a pledge page where your friends can pledge sponsor your miles at whatever rate per mile they want.

Here are two ways you can raise funds using Charity Miles:

  • Pledges and donations from friends and family.
  • Companies sponsor their employees.

How it Works


Shoe drive fundraiser with Funds2Orgs

A shoe drive fundraiser is a great way to remain socially distant, while still encouraging your community to get involved in a fundraising effort.



T-Shirt Fundraising

This is a social fundraising platform where you can raise money and awareness for our Dream Programs through the sale of branded, customized apparel!


Sell custom products online by creating your own campaign page where anyone can check out. When your campaign ends, Bonfire ships products directly to your buyers and sends you the profits.

  • Bonfire doesn’t charge any platform fees.
  • Nonprofit processing fee is 3.5%
  • Handles all the printing & shipping

Visit Bonfire

Custom Ink

Custom Ink Fundraising is a free to use and provides a fundraising page where your supporters make purchases and donations, and Custom Ink handles the printing and shipping. At the end of your fundraiser, Custom Ink will ship the shirts and send the funds that were raised to your club.

Visit Custom Ink


Team-Based Fundraising

Create a unique online challenge with a fundraising goal. Encourage supporters to fundraise and raise awareness until they have met their fundraising goal for the organization.

By connecting local corporate partners with employee fundraising, you can demonstrate how harnessing the passion of groups can create real world impact. These partners in turn create internal teams that fundraise against each other and raise dollars.

*Tip: Consider sending a weekly email out to all participants with a recap for the week, highlights, tips, and encouragement!


  • Every year, Volunteers across the globe unite and vow not to shower until they have each raised at least $1,000 toward life-saving water systems in Africa. Our nationally recognized fundraiser enables anyone who wants to help Well Aware’s cause make a big impact in a short time.
  • Create a walk or bike challenge by including Fitbit or Charity Miles (or any other fitness tracking app) to create competition amongst employees. Raise funds by having participants ask their friends and family to support the cause by donating $1 or $2 per mile walked over the course of 30 days!
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