Ways to Thank Your Community

Showing appreciation for our supporters is one of the most powerful things we can do to strengthen our communities and ensure Soroptimist’s long-term success.

Collectively, your local communities have played a pivotal role in helping us expand our mission over the last 100 years. Many of your communities have come to rely on Soroptimist’s impactful work, just as Soroptimist clubs have relied on community partners to help expand their reach.

Taking time to recognize those who help you succeed not only helps you strengthen your relationship with individual community members, but it can also help strengthen your community as a whole.

Ways to thank your community for all its support


  • Identify past club officers (club presidents, treasurers, etc.) and thank them for leading the way—such as writing a thank-you note/email and/or tagging them in a Facebook post.
  • Contact former club members and thank them for their service. Acknowledge that they were an important part of your club’s history, as well as SIA’s history on the road to 100 years!
  • Take a moment to stop and thank your current club members! They are part of your community and it is important to recognize the service and contributions that make just by being members.
  • Are there members of your club whose dues are paid by their employer? Send a letter of thanks to the employers who fund club membership and make it possible for more people to be part of our mission.


  • Write a thank-you email or letter to your community partners and include the number of women and girls your clubs has served so they can see the impact they’re part of!
  • If your community is large and you want everyone to feel appreciated, record a short video where you deliver a heartfelt thank-you and post it on your social media pages. Don’t forget to tag those you would especially like to thank! The actual recording of the video doesn’t have to be complicated. The camera on your phone and some good natural light will work fine. Just focus on being sincere and genuine in your message.


  • Does your local newspaper cover your club events? Send a short note to the editor or reporter thanking them for helping you raise awareness of Soroptimist and our Dream Programs in your community. A personal thank-you could be the start of a long-term relationship with a valuable media contact. For greater impact, make sure your message is specific, thoughtful and personal. Mention the stories they covered and how it helped.
  • Share online media coverage you have received and tag the newspaper and/or reporter on social media with a thank-you message.


  • Thank those who draw attention to your work. For example, if someone shares one of your social media posts about an upcoming event or fundraiser, send them a direct message thanking them for the love. They may end up becoming a new member or donor!
  • Send of note of gratitude to your partner organizations. These are the organizations that have joined forces with you at times, and have helped create awareness of our mission among their own supporters, thus expanding your local recognition, as well as our global recognition.
  • Thank your program supporters with a card signed by Dream It, Be It participants or with a quote from one of your Live Your Dream Awards.
  • Send your donors and sponsors a handwritten note expressing your gratitude for supporting your initiatives, and share how their contribution helped make an impact. You can also recognize them on your website and social media pages.
  • Show your appreciation for contacts at schools or colleges who help recruit program participants with a gift card for coffee or another treat.
  • Consider hosting a small virtual party to celebrate your club’s impact with your community supporters.
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