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Thank you for your interest in enhancing your leadership skills!

Click below to register for our 2023 Leadership Round Table or Soroptimist Leadership Fellows Program, which includes registration to the 2023 Leadership Round Table. 

Leadership Round Table

Early Registration
$50 USD          
January 30, 2023 – April 17, 2023

Regular Registration
$100 USD
April 18, 2023 – June 17, 2023

Just In Time Registration
$150 USD        
June 18, 2023 – June 23, 2023 (noon EDT) 

Register Now! 

Please note the 2023 Leadership Round Table is non-refundable and non-transferable. Another member or participant cannot be substituted in the event the original member or participant is unable to attend. 

Leadership Fellows Program

$400 USD
January 30, 2023 – June 16, 2023 (noon EDT)
Note: Includes registration to 2023 Leadership Round Table and the three 2023-2024 Fellows Program Sessions. 

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Please note the following upon applying to the Soroptimist Leadership Fellows Program:

  • To ensure each participant gets the most benefit from the Fellows Program, this opportunity will only be open to the first 50 applicants who are accepted and remit payment.
  • This program is being piloted in English-only. Interpretation will not be provided.
  • You will be asked to complete a brief application which serves to tell us more about you.
  • Two letters of recommendation are needed. These letters should provide an overall picture of your personal characteristics, experience, strengths, and capabilities.
    • One letter should be written by a fellow member of Soroptimist International of the Americas, Inc.
    • One letter should be written by a non-Soroptimist member, for example a professional or personal reference.
  • An electronic signature will be required indicating your commitment to this multi-year program.
  • After submitting an application, it will be reviewed, and you will receive an email confirming acceptance into the Fellows Program. At that time, a link will be shared to remit the registration fee.
  • The registration fee for the Fellows Program does not include room, board, or travel for the July 29, 2024, Fellows Program meeting in Bellevue, Washington, or any fees associated with the 48th Biennial Convention.
  • This program is non-refundable and non-transferable. Another member or participant cannot be substituted in the event the original member or participant is unable to attend the program.
  • In the unfortunate event that a member or participant starts the program and cannot finish, their payment is non-refundable. If they wish to pursue the program later, they can restart it and remit payment at that time. However, they will not have to resubmit the application.




請點擊下面的連結註冊參加我們的2023 領導圓桌會議或蘭馨會領導夥伴計畫, 這也包括註冊參加2023 領導圓桌會議. 


2023年1月30日–2023年 4月 17日

2023年 4月 18日–2023年 6月17日

2023年 6月18日–2023年 6月 23日 (美國東部夏令時間, 中午) 


請注意, 2023年的領導圓桌會議是不可退款且不可轉讓的. 如果原註冊會員或參與者無法出席, 則不能由其他會員或參與者代替出席.












리더십 개발 기회 참가등록

리더십 능력 배양에 관심을 가져주셔서 감사합니다!

2023년 리더십 라운드테이블(LRT) 또는 소롭티미스트 리더십 펠로우 프로그램에 참가등록하려면 아래를 클릭하세요(2023년 리더십 라운드테이블도 자동 등록됨).  

년도 리더십 라운드테이블

$50 USD          
2023년 1월 30일 ~ 2023년 4월 17일

정규 참가등록
$100 USD
2023년 4월 18일 ~ 2023년 6월 17일

직전 참가등록
$150 USD        
2023년 6월 18일 ~ 2023년 6월 23일(미 동부 일광절약시 정오) 

지금 참가등록하세요!  

2023년도 리더십 라운드 테이블은 환불 및 양도 불가입니다. 참가등록한 회원 또는 참가자가 참석할 수 없는 경우에는 다른 회원 또는 참가자로 교체할 수 없습니다. 


Inscreva-se em nossas oportunidades de desenvolvimento da liderança

Muito obrigada por seu interesse em melhorar suas habilidades de liderança!

Clique abaixo para se inscrever na Mesa Redonda da Liderança (LRT na sigla em inglês) 2023 ou no Programa de Colegas Líderes da Soroptimista (SLFP na sigla em inglês), que também abrange a inscrição na Mesa Redonda da Liderança 2023. 

Mesa Redonda da Liderança

Inscrição antecipada
USD 50          
De 30 de janeiro de 2023 a 17 de abril de 2023

Inscrição comum
USD 100
De 18 de abril de 2023 a 17 de junho de 2023

Inscrição “falta pouco”
USD 150        
De 18 de junho de 2023 a 23 de junho de 2023 (meio-dia do fuso horário EDT) 

Inscreva-se já!  

Atenção: o pagamento da Mesa-Redonda da Liderança de 2023 não pode ser reembolsado nem transferido. A associada ou participante inscrita não pode ser substituída por outra caso não possa ir ao evento. 


Inscríbase para nuestras oportunidades de desarrollo de liderazgo

¡Gracias por su interés en mejorar sus habilidades de liderazgo!!

Haga clic a continuación para inscribirse en nuestra Mesa Redonda de Liderazgo (LRT) de 2023 o en el Programa de Becas Soroptimistas de Liderazgo, que incluye el inscripción en la Mesa Redonda de Liderazgo de 2023.

Mesa Redonda de Liderazgo

Inscripción Anticipada
$50 USD          
30 de enero de 2023 – 17 de abril de 2023

Inscripción Regular
$100 USD
18 de abril de 2023 – 17 de junio de 2023

Inscripción justo a tiempo
$150 USD        
18 de junio de 2023 - 23 de junio de 2023 (mediodía hora Este) 

¡Inscríbase ahora!  

Tenga en cuenta que la Mesa Redonda de Liderazgo 2023 no es reembolsable ni transferible. No se puede sustituir a otra socia o participante en caso de que la socia o participante original no pueda asistir. 



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