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A global volunteer organization working to improve the lives of women and girls through programs leading to social and economic empowerment.


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Soroptimist White Papers

An organization dedicated to assisting women and girls, Soroptimist aims to create true social and economic equality for women and girls. As a public service, Soroptimist provides white papers on various topics relevant to women that can help those who wish to become more educated about issues facing today’s women, or learn what can be done to provide direct assistance to women in need. For more information, contact Lori Blair, Soroptimist’s senior director of program services, at

White Paper: Women and Economic Empowerment
Learn about the barriers and solutions along the path of women’s economic empowerment in developing and developed countries.

White Paper: Putting Girls First
Examine three basic areas in which girls face systemic gender inequalities: education, health and violence.

White Paper: Teen Dating Violence
Examine the issue of teen dating violence and learn about the obstacles teenagers face when deciding to end an abusive relationship.

White Paper: Women and Education
Read about how schooling impacts a woman's financial status, health and social well-being, and what can be done to end gender disparity in education.

White Paper: The New Face of Slavery
Learn about the trafficking of women and girls worldwide, and find out what can be done to end this widespread problem.

White Paper: Women and Poverty
Explore poverty as a gender issue and find out what can be done to end the growing problem that affects women the world over.

White Paper: Reaching Out to Women When Disaster Strikes
Learn about the special challenges facing women during natural disasters and acts of war, and what can be done to assist this vulnerable population.

White Paper: Domestic Violence as a Workplace Concern
Examine the ways that domestic violence can affect the workplace, and what businesses can do to keep their employees safe.

White Paper: Prostitution is Not a Choice
Read about how the world’s oldest “oppression” continues to be one of the most overlooked human rights abuses of women.




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