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Cruise continues

The All Aboard the memberSHIP campaign has been designed to assist Soroptimist clubs in recruiting and retaining members, and building new clubs so we can grow stronger and increase our ranks to further our mission of improving the lives of women and girls.

Use the materials below to energize your clubs, create a sense of pride among members, and provide new ways of looking at how to attract new members. Apply the tips and suggestions to recruit new members, retain current members, start a new club, promote teamwork, and also raise awareness of Soroptimist in your community. MemberSHIP

Clubs are encouraged to use other strategies and tactics in addition to the All Aboard the memberSHIP materials. If other approaches work in your area or culture, please implement them in order to grow and retain membership!

As an organization of and for women, we know there is more we can do to improve the lives of women girls. Recruiting and retaining more clubs and members who are committed to working on our mission will help increase our collective impact.

Please check out the following information and have fun. All Aboard the memberSHIP!

What's new this year?


Target Market Information

Promotional Materials and Customizable Templates

Other Recruitment Resources

Preparing for New Members & Healthy Club Resources

Clubs and Regions Campaign Progress

2017-2018 Progress June 1 - February 28:

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