December/January Soroptimist Summary


Happy Holidays!

SIA headquarters wishes all members throughout our 21 countries and territories a very happy holiday season!

Soroptimist Progress in FY17-18

As 2018 draws to a close, we are reflecting on our achievements and looking ahead to FY19/20. SIA continues to evolve to increase our collective impact for women and girls who face obstacles. Please share our progress with members. Click here to view SIA’s progress and accomplishments for FY17/18.

46th Biennial Convention

SIA’s 46th biennial convention in Bellevue, Washington, USA, will be here before you know it. Save the dates, July 22-25, 2020, and stay tuned for additional information!

Soroptimist Store

New! Soroptimist Bell Necklace

Proudly display the Soroptimist "S" logo with this gorgeous gold and silver bell necklace (item #114). The gold-plated chain is 24" and includes a lobster claw clasp. This necklace is perfect for every occasion and is sure to make a statement!

Big Goal

Remember Last Year's Big Goal Member Survey?

Last year, SIA distributed a member survey to get more input on our next Big Goal. More than 2,000 members from 18 countries told us what we were doing well and where we could do better. Find out more here. Results from the 2018 Big Goal Convention Exercise are coming soon!

Take One Step

This year, we are asking clubs to Take One Step each month to support our Big Goal. Each month, we will feature simple actions in the Soroptimist Summary clubs can take to ensure we reach our goals.

Recruitment Tip

We know that prospective members are attracted to our mission of improving the lives of women and girls through programs leading to social and economic empowerment. Therefore, when recruiting members to your club, it is important to put our mission front and center. Consider engaging prospective members in our Dream Programs by checking out the ideas in this recruitment tip today!

Branding & Style Guide

Having a strong and consistent visual identity is a key component of our branding strategy. SIA’s Branding & Style Guide highlights all the pieces that make up SIA’s visual identity—including trademarked logos, fonts and colors. There is even a new section that provides guidelines for producing banners and flags. These tools enable clubs and regions across SIA to put forth a consistent look to the public when promoting our mission and programs. It is important that we follow these guidelines and use the tools SIA provides to strengthen our brand, which also affects our ability to increase our recognition, recruit members and fundraise outside our organization.


Live Your Dream Awards

Thanks to all of clubs who committed to giving women a bright future by participating in our Live Your Dream Awards program. Now that the application deadline has passed, here are some resources to help your club select your recipient:

Dream It, Be It

Clubs throughout SIA are making real impact through participation in Dream It, Be It. Read club success stories to learn more.

Please be sure to have each girl complete the Evaluation Form SIA provides at the end of your Dream It, Be It project. Even if your club adds your own form, we still need to receive completed SIA Evaluation Forms for each participant—this is how we measure critical impact information about our program!

Don’t forget to report your Dream It, Be It project via the online form within one month of the project’s end and no later than June 1, 2019.

Clubs no longer need to complete a club transmittal form. Clubs will be recognized for participating in the 2018-2019 club year based on online form submissions.


Looking to our Future

Are you making New Year’s resolutions for 2019? We are! One of our resolutions is to recruit 10 Soroptimists to join the Laurel Legacy, a recognition program for members who include Soroptimist in their estate planning. By making this commitment to future generations of women and girls, you also receive a beautiful pin, as well as recognition at Soroptimist events.

“I long to leave this world far better than it was when I started my journey.” — Tonya Clark, Laurel Legacy member

Will you join us in looking to our future?

We tried #GivingYouABreak …

If you missed Danielle “Development Assistant” Marino’s #GivingYouABreak video, you missed our #GivingTuesday (11/27/2018) plan to spend the day expressing gratitude. And Soroptimists kept giving us more reasons to be grateful! Twenty people started Facebook fundraisers on our behalf, bringing in more than $7,700 for our global Dream Programs in a single day.

When we say we appreciate our volunteers and couldn’t change lives without them, we mean it!

A Visionary Woman: Marie Kennedy

We recently profiled Marie Kennedy on SIA’s Facebook page about why she believes in the importance of supporting women and girls through Soroptimist. Marie is a 5-year member of the 1921 Visionaries, Soroptimist’s recognition society for members who give for five consecutive years or more. To start your journey toward becoming a 1921 Visionary, be sure to make a gift by December 31st, 2018!

Public Awareness

Recognition and Branding Tools Page

Have you had a chance to vist the Recognition and Branding Tools page? Located in "For Clubs & Members-Federation Info", this section holds a wealth of information and resources, including logo downloads, Dream Program promotional materials and various templates. Make sure to bookmark the Logo Downloads page so these files are easily accessible for all your stationery, promotional materials and printing needs.


Emailing Best Practices

In a world where there are many technology options to communicate, email remains extremely popular. In fact, it’s estimated that BILLIONS of emails are sent every day. Check out the latest leadership tip about the best practices for emailing club members to enhance your communication skills and make sure your message is successfully received.

Cultivating Women Leaders

The female executive talent pipeline needs to grow! Why? The 2017 Fortune 500 list reported just 32 companies have female CEOs. Read more about how cultivating women leaders creates a better workplace for us all here.


2017-2019 SI President’s Appeal – December 10th

There are currently three projects supported by the SI President’s Appeal, “Women, Water and Leadership.” Click here to read more about each project and other updates from SIA’s representative to the President’s Appeal committee, Dona Gaddis Wolf.


Plan to attend SI’s 21st International Convention, July 18-21, 2019, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With its “Soroptimists Enable a Sustainable World—Global Connections, Empowered Women” theme, the convention will offer an interesting and enlightening program, including keynote speakers, interactive workshops and informative presentations. Click here for additional information.


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