2020 SIA Proposed Bylaws Amendments

Thank you to all the clubs that participated in the 2020 Proposed Amendments to SIA Bylaws ballot. All eight proposals on the ballot were approved by two-thirds of the clubs voting on each question. The results are listed below.

The approved amendments go into effect immediately, with the exception of the changes related to adding a 14th electoral area to the Board of Directors. The new electoral area goes into effect on September 1, 2021, as was stated in the proviso accompanying the proposed amendment. The nomination and election of a member from the Korean electoral area is underway in accordance with the proviso.

The SIA Bylaws currently are being updated in English, Japanese, Chinese, Korea, Portuguese and Spanish, and will be available on the SIA website in late January. Updated versions of the SIA Procedures will be available beginning in February.

2020 SIA Proposed Bylaws Amendments Ballot Results


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