2020 Proposed Amendments to SIA’s Bylaws

With the termination for cause of our 46th biennial convention, the business session of our convention, when proposals to amend the SIA Bylaws are usually discussed, will not take place. Our Professional Registered Parliamentarian Connie Deford, has advised that our Bylaws do not require this convention-based discussion before placing the proposals before the clubs for their vote.

However, the SIA Board of Directors, which is proposing all the amendments, wants to be sure clubs have the opportunity to ask questions on the proposals and have them answered before the ballot opens. The ballot on the proposals will take place from mid-October through mid-December 2020.

Proposed Bylaws Amendments Q&A 

Clubs that have questions on any of the proposals are asked to submit their questions to siahq@soroptimist.org no later than June 22, 2020. Questions will be collated, and the answers translated in all our languages and posted on the SIA website no later than September 1, 2020.

Proposed Amendments to SIA Bylaws


The SIA Board of Directors looks forward to responding to your questions.


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