Anti-Racism Letter to Editor

After SIA released a statement addressing the death of George Floyd and subsequent anti-racism protests in the U.S. and around the world, we heard from several members that the statement didn’t go nearly far enough. In an effort to encourage dialog, please read the letter below from member Denise Daniels. Many thanks to Denise and the other members who wrote in to express their opinions and concerns. SIA takes racial justice seriously and will continue to explore ways to encourage discussion and action on this vitally important issue. Check out SIA’s new Diversity, Equity & Inclusion web series to become better educated about approaching the women and girls we serve with greater sensitivity about the many issues, including racism, they face.



Thank you for this response, however, I have to say I am very disappointed that SIA is not taking a firmer stance against the current circumstances, whether they have become political or not. As the first and only African American member of SI Auburn since its inception over 70 years ago, I have dealt with racial micro-aggressions and subtle actions in my five years here, which I have openly shared with my club. When I have attended gatherings over the last few years, I am often the only African American, or one of three (the most I’ve seen) of over a hundred members. 

Perhaps this is a time for SIA to reflect on the experiences if its members and the role that can be taken to advance on some of these challenges. I challenge your statement that “we will continue to do our part”…and would ask you to reflect on what that means. What, exactly, is our part, as an organization that supports women and girls?

Women’s advancement issues have always been political, and I find it a bit ironic that you mention those in your statement, in particular hiring practices. Now is not the time to hide under the umbrella of political affiliation, as this is a national issue impacting all Americans.

I hope you will reconsider.

Denise Daniels


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