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SI/Greater Santa Clarita Valley – A Global Voice for the Advancement of Women & Girls!

Soroptimist International of Greater Santa Clarita Valley is defined by four core values: gender equality, empowerment, education, and diversity. This inspirational club has made an astounding impact on the lives of women and girls both locally and globally. Dedicated to providing opportunity, choice, and equality, members of SI/Greater Santa Clarita Valley are highlighting the issues women and girls face on a daily basis. They have made it their priority to help advance women and girls through programs focused on leadership, education, and economic empowerment.

SI/Greater Santa Clarita Valley continues to play a significant role in supporting our global Dream Programs, displaying their commitment to empowering women and girls worldwide. Contributing more than $10,000 in Club Giving this past year, their generous annual contributions have helped thousands of women and girls reach their full potential through. 

In addition to the global impact they’ve made through Club Giving, SI/Greater Santa Clarita Valley has participated in SIA’s Dream Programs, including local Live Your Dream Awards and Dream It, Be It. They’ve even created, Go Girls, a program unique to the Santa Clarita Valley that focuses on providing girls from Val Verde Community Center with fun and educational activities including self-defense classes, field trips, and book club meetings. Their local Dream It, Be It program is especially notable. Established in five Hart District High Schools and serving over 400 girls, the club implements the programs’ focus by providing access to professional role models, career education, and the resources needed to succeed. Armed with an arsenal of mentors, SI/Greater Santa Clarita Valley provides Dream It, Be It participants with information on an array of topics including healthy body image, stress management, depression, bullying, drug/alcohol abuse, and gender equality.

We are grateful for the members of SI/Greater Santa Clarita Valley and the opportunities they have provided the thousands of women and girls who benefit from our global Dream Programs. Through Club Giving, we can help even more women and girls achieve their dreams and extend our reach to the 20 million who stand to benefit from our programs.

Join SI/Greater Santa Clarita Valley in supporting women and girls worldwide by making a gift to Club Giving, and your club can make dreams come true too!



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