President's Message

It is my greatest delight that you have bestowed your trust and faith in me to serve as your president. This journey would not be possible without the support of my family and relatives, our SIA Board, our Executive Director & CEO Liz, our headquarters staff, and all the leaders who came before me.

I believe our mission means meaningfully responding to the needs of women and girls through principled humanitarian actions. Our organization is about changing lives. The fact is, every human being has the power to contribute to positive change—to be a gift to the world. Sometimes we might think, “What can one person do?” But the reality is we can change lives through many small actions. Our Dream Programs are proof of this. And, of course, when each of us works together as one, we can accomplish so much more.

In light of this, I believe we should stand up for women and girls by scaling up our Dream Programs and investing in the foundation necessary to support that increased scale and humanitarian impact. Our united response will contribute positively to our brand through greater visibility and a common message.

There is no better way to ensure our response is truly meaningful while growing our impact than to involve the women and girls we aim to serve—every step of the way.

I invite every member throughout SIA to participate in my social media campaign, #SpotlightSoroptimist. Be an influencer by communicating about our Dream Programs by using this hashtag. Tell the story and impact of our Soroptimist Dream Programs as experienced by your club. Tell what we are doing and what people are saying about our impact!

As your president, I invite you to join the conversation using this hashtag, and take this journey with me. Together, we will make a difference in the lives of women and girls. Together we will #SpotlightSoroptimist!


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