Club Giving

SI/Kagoshima makes dreams come true!

When SI/Kagoshima (Japan Minami Region) discussed how to commemorate the 45th anniversary of their club’s charter, club members unanimously decided to give $10,000 to Club Giving in 2017-2018 instead of having a big reception at a hotel. We are so grateful for this generous and life-changing decision!

SI/Kagoshima, led by President Yasuko Yamaguchi, worked hard to recruit more members and held two big fundraising events to raise the $10,000. They are picture to the right on a day they had 100% club member attendance. Every member is elated their contribution will go toward SIA’s Dream Programs, making it possible for more women and girls to pursue their educational dreams!

Join SI/Kagoshima in making a gift to Club Giving and your club can make dreams come true too!






― 添付の写真は、メンバーシップ委員会が、会員集合写真を撮影すると

クラブ例会100%出席キャンペーンを実施した時撮影した集合写真 ―



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