Education and Covid-19



  • Schools—from primary to colleges—are closed and it’s unclear when they might reopen. Over 1.5 billion students have been impacted by these closures in 191 countries.[1]
  • Schools are trying to implement virtual learning in the face of inequality with many students lacking access to computers or the internet.
  • Even with the best efforts of educators, students will lose educational gains which may put them behind for their futures.
  • Unemployment is climbing, and a loss of income could prevent women from finishing or enrolling in educational programs.


Why it Matters

Education is the key to unlocking economic empowerment for the world’s women and girls.

When women and girls are educated

they have opportunity, choice, and power to make healthy decisions for themselves and their families.

Education provides more than just training—

schools also provide meals, guidance and college counselors, emotional supports, and social connection.


Education disruptions are especially difficult

for women and girls navigating additional challenges including poverty, unstable home lives, violence, or teen motherhood.

The Dream Programs provide crucial educational and social support to women and girls

 and is more important than ever to ensuring they stay on track.



Camino Real Region distributed 91 gift cards to their award recipients and celebrated their region awardees safely.

How Your Club Can Help

  • Connect with Dream Programs participants and ensure they have what they need to continue with school, and if your club can offer any assistance.
  • Virtual mentoring is a powerful tool that your club can use to connect. Reach out to women and girls who have benefited from your Dream Programs. For girls, obtain permissions from their parents to connect online via email, video conferencing, or another virtual platform.
  • Consider providing Dream It, Be It activities online through videoconferencing. It may not be the same, but will still allow for connection and learning.
  • Both women and girls may be feeling fear about their futures. Share educational information, and career exploration and development resources with women and girls so that they can continue to learn about options for their future.


 [1] UNESCO, “COVID-19 Educational Disruption and Response.”

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