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The Soroptimist Diamond Campaign

The Diamond Campaign is a multi-year campaign to strengthen our organization’s membership base as we approach Soroptimist’s 100th anniversary.

The fourth year of the campaign will run from June 1, 2021 to May 31, 2022.

Through the Diamond Campaign we will ensure the future of Soroptimist, and our legacy will shine on as we carry our mission forward. By growing our membership, it becomes possible for us to deliver our brand-unifying Dream Programs. That brings us closer to our Big Goal to reach even more women and girls who face obstacles.

In this campaign, every club and region will work toward a unified membership goal. By doing this, we will be focused, dedicated, and stronger than ever!

Campaign Goals

Our SIA Board has defined the following goals for ALL clubs and regions to meet or exceed by May 31, 2022 in Phase 4 of our campaign:
  • 85% or better member retention rate.
  • A coordinated effort by all regions to charter 15 new clubs across the federation.

By working as one, we will all achieve our goals! When each club hits the target, the region overall will meet the target as well. Likewise, when each region hits the target, our entire federation will meet our membership goals. Click here for more information about incentives and prizes during Phase 4.

Campaign Resources

SIA has put together a variety of materials to help clubs meet the goals of the Diamond Campaign. The following resources are designed to energize your clubs, create a sense of pride among members, and provide new ways of looking at how to attract new members.

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Thank you for helping to grow our membership!

SPOTLIGHT: Phase 1-3 Diamond Clubs

During Phase 3 of our campaign, 807 clubs met our shared goal of 85% or better member retention! Click the links below to see all of our Diamond Clubs from Phases 1-3!

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