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Take One Step

Will your club take one step to support our collective impact?

Since 2012-2013, we have worked together to increase our collective impact. We have achieved great success by empowering more women and girls through our brand-unifying Dream Programs.

Clubs are changing the way they work to devote more resources to those things SIA needs to thrive:

    • Empowering more women and girls through our Dream Programs
    • Creating a warm and welcoming club experience
    • Increasing financial support for our Dream Programs, and
    • Growing public recognition for our impact.

Beginning last year, we asked clubs to Take One Step each month to support our Big Goal. We promoted our steps each month in the Soroptimist Summary, on social media and in special emails to clubs. Has your club taken steps to help more women and girls? Download and post this badge on social media to share your club's success!

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2019-2020 Steps


This month, Take One Step to support our collective impact by planning to attend our 46th Biennial Convention in Bellevue, Washington, USA! Registration will open this month, and there is so much fun, friendship, and learning in store. Visit the Convention site to learn more!


Thank you to all the clubs that took one step to help us reach more women and girls. Check out all our actions from last year and look for new tips coming each month in the Soroptimist Summary!

Did you miss a step in 2018-2019? Not a problem! Your club can take these steps anytime. 

Take One Step

Did your club take ONE step?

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貴俱樂部有採取「一個行動」 嗎?

한 단계를 실행하셨나요 ?

¿Su club dio UN paso?

O seu Clube tomou UM passo


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