Shamayel's Extraordinary Story

Working on Behalf of Justice, Equality, and Peace on Earth for All

Shamayel was born to human rights activists in Afghanistan. When she was a young girl her parents defied the Taliban and sent Shamayel to an underground school. It was an incredibly brave move with deadly consequences. The Taliban subsequently murdered Shamayel’s father, and her mother died of a heart attack upon hearing the horrible news.

New Beginnings

Shamayel was sent to the U.S. by representatives in Afghanistan after they learned her life was also in danger. Her six younger siblings were left behind until Shamayel was able to arrange for them to come to the U.S., where they now live with her. Studying for a degree in international relations, Shamayel wants to continue her parents’ human rights work, particularly around women and girls in Afghanistan.

“My overall goal is very clear: I want to work on behalf of justice, equality, and peace on earth for all,” she said.

I will do everything needed to allow me to live my dream.

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