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A global volunteer organization working to improve the lives of women and girls
through programs leading to social and economic empowerment.

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Shaping the Future of Soroptimist

As part of a global organization, you joined Soroptimist to be part of something beyond your local community. That something is working together to increase our collective impact in accomplishing our mission to improve the lives of women and girls.

shapinglogoDuring the 2013-2014 club year, we are focusing on shaping our future in four ways: clarity, program, resources and a healthy backbone.

“Clarity” is focusing on understanding our vision, mission and core values, which the SIA Board has recently fine-tuned. Visit <> to read our new vision and mission.

“Program” means growing our Women’s Opportunity Awards program and focusing—at all levels—on providing women and girls with access to education.

“Resources” is about growing our financial resources to reach more women and girls. For clubs that means contributing at least 10 percent of funds raised locally to the federation. Remember, our programs are funded entirely through contributions and not through member dues, and 81 percent of funds raised go right to our programs.

Finally, “healthy backbone” refers to strong clubs, growing supporters and a sound infrastructure. SIA is currently working on strengthening our club model by eliminating barriers to membership. We are also offering new engagement opportunities through, which has grown to almost 25,000 supporters in just one year!

We should all be proud of our leadership for their vision and courage in moving SIA forward and ensuring a bright future for both the organization and the women and girls we serve.

2012-2013 Collective Impact Highlights

Clarity of Direction:

  • 66% of individual members have heard about the shaping our future message.

Culture of Philanthropy:

  • 82% of members are aware of the SIA Board’s request of clubs and members to make SIA their cause of choice.

Increase the impact of the Women’s Opportunity Awards:

  • 4% increase or 46 more women reached, for a total of 1,235 women.
  • 6% increase or $95,264 more was distributed for a total amount of $1.625 million awarded.
  • 10% of at-large recipients judged at SIA headquarters received an award.

Increase club participation in the Women’s Opportunity Awards:

  • 2% increase for a total of 76% of all clubs participating.
  • 54% or 15 regions increased the number of women honored with the award.
  • 68% or 19 regions increased club and region funding.

Increase the impact of other federation programs:

  • 3% increase or $2,223,678 was given through awards and grants) to women and girls served though the three SIA federation programs, Women’s Opportunity Awards, Violet Richardson Award, and Soroptimist Club Grants for Women and Girls.

Best for Women Information:

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