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Transformation: A View from Spruce Street

Elizabeth Lucas
Elizabeth Lucas, CEO and Executive Director

Just a couple of years ago, our federation fine-tuned our strategic plan and gained clarity about the dream we have for how the world will be different and better as a result of our efforts.

Our dream, our vision for how the world will be different and better, is for women and girls to have the resources and opportunities to reach their full potential and live their dreams.

Our dream for the world has defined our mission—to improve the lives of women and girls through programs leading to social and economic empowerment.

But what about our federation? What are our dreams for our federation to be better and different?

In the last quarter of 2015, clubs were asked to voice their opinion to help build our Soroptimist future for our second century. We asked clubs “How do we transform SIA’s collective impact so we are working together toward the same outcome to make a BIG change in the world?”

We provided four big goal statements and asked you which ranked as most motivating and inspiring. You said “Invest in the dreams of one million women and girls through access to education by 2031.”

We asked which concepts are most important to include in Soroptimist’s big goal statement. You replied “Access to educational resources.”

Clubs are also telling our federation to:

  • Concentrate on getting more members to help accomplish a big goal
  • Grow existing programs—Live Your Dream Awards and Dream It, Be It
  • Obtain grants and corporate sponsorships to accomplish a big goal

Clubs also told us you:

  • Better branding, marketing, and public awareness of Soroptimist
  • Clubs’ role clarified and the “big picture” of Soroptimist communicated.

Involving clubs in our future direction is critical to strengthening our organizational health. And we know such transformation will need the energy and passion of every single member. So we asked you to gauge your excitement and support of Soroptimist AND your club working collectively toward a big goal. You replied you are excited and supportive.

Our next steps are to ask you how many women and girls we can reach and what we have to do to reach them.

Don’t miss out on your club’s next opportunity to participate in building our Soroptimist future! Take advantage of one or both of these opportunities:

  1. Join us in Orlando, Florida this July 20 -23, 2016 to Celebrate Our Story and help the organization Design our Future Together at the 44th biennial convention
  2. Plan now—reserve a club meeting for September or October for your next Big Goal conversation.
    • We want your help to define how big our big change should be
    • What clubs will have to do to support the big goal.
    • What clubs are willing to stop doing.
    • And what clubs will need to support the big goal.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. These are the times great stories are made of. Join me in imagining the hopes and dreams for our future … a future we ARE making come true.



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